South Beaches

So much to do!

The Washington Coast is visited by thousands every year. With the scenic views, fun things to do, natural resources to share and endless waves on our beaches, the South Beach of Westport, Grayland, Tokeland and neighboring areas all offer unique opportunities.

We host kite flying competitions, expo's and have even went for a world record for the longest kite tail. Make sure you come kite flying and make memories .

Surfs Up!

A long known hidden gem that has been our surfing. Westport has some of the best you can find. The Surfriders Foundation host an annual surf competition in Westport and we are also the place for the jet ski competition Grayland Open.

Razor Clam Digging

Recreational digging for razor clams can be enjoyed by children and senior citizens alike. All you need is a clam shovel or specialized tube, a container to put your clams in and, most importantly, your clam license.

Be sure to check the regulations and current razor clam season information for the latest clam-digging requirements and other sport fishing regulation updates.

The South Beach is home for more than just boats and shops. When you come to the beach, count on an experience of a lifetime.


Beachcombing on the South Beach has become a hobby for many locals and tourists. Who knows what treasures you will find after a coastal storm.


Not many people get an opportunity to witness the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. Definitely picture moments.


We have some of the clearest skies around. Skywatching is another favorite for astronomers and enthusiasts looking for galaxies far far away

Fishing On The Coast

Westport Washington is considered the sport fishing capital of the world.

Not only for our Annual Salmon Derby, but our fleet of charter boats fish for Albacore Tune, Ling Cod, Rockfish & Halibut.